Monday, February 25, 2013

Space Discovery Field Trip

We took the kids to a space discovery museum last week. (So fun!) It is a small museum with tons of hands on activities for the kids to experience. We love space and studying the stars, the planets and the universe. God's creation is seriously amazing! It seems our library box always has at least one book about space in it.  Right now it has 6.

We went to a presentation in the little planetarium. Smaller planetariums are perfect for little ones, especially when the presenter encourages questions. I never actually see the pictures in the constellations but if you have seen little dog you would seriously think they were on something when they named it. It is two stars. Yep, just two. The presenter said that someone told him it looked like a hot dog. Now, my kids call it Weiner Dog. It’s the little things they remember.

There was a room with animals including some nasty cockroaches. Little G loved this room and would have stayed in it for hours if we let her. Animals make her happy. But not the cockroaches. She preferred the porcupine, the turtle and the rabbit that was as big as she is. (Seriously the rabbit was huge not exaggerating.)

There were so many hands on activities for the kids to try, one of them was about planets rotating on their axis another had gloves and some gears to manipulate. There was even a human sundial outside that was a lot of fun.

There was a little space ship for little ones to play in. It was cute and just a toy however nothing makes a teen boy revert back to being a little boy like a space ship. I think he would have stayed in it all day long. They all played in the little ship for a while. It was very amusing.

Pretty much every night when we are outside the kids look up into the vast expanse of the universe and attempt to locate stars and constellations. Not long ago, the moon and Jupiter were really close together. We spent a good amount of time freezing outside checking it out and reveling in the fact that God spoke the stars into existence and set everything into perfect motion.

Join Me at The Homeschool Post!I decided to link up with The Homeschool Post's February's Fantastic Foto Field Trip Link Up.Field trips are so much fun and I am always on the lookout for new ideas of where we can go or what we can do.


  1. We have something like this near us, and it's on my to do list for field trips! Looks fun!

  2. My to do list for field trips is so long. It seems there is never enough time to get them in but we are going to go back to this place. The activities make it totally worth it.


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