Monday, May 27, 2013

Must Keep Going

The last week of school! Must. Keep. Going.

That is how we feel like here right now. For the first time ever we are taking an actual summer break this year. It cannot come soon enough. Every one of us is burnt out with trying to get through to the last of what needs to get done. And we have really had to push hard through these last few weeks just getting it all done. I have been trying to make sure to pepper in as many fun activities and experiments as I can so that getting all the book stuff done is more bearable. Normally I would have decided to just take our break and then do school during the summer but the kids asked for a full summer break. One of the advantages of homeschooling is that we can decide what our school year will look like.

I am so excited that we are at the end; it is time to reorganize and get prepared for next school year. The first year of high school is now just a matter of months away and to be honest, I am shaking in my proverbial boots because I don’t want to mess this up. Having all the right paperwork in order and making sure all the appropriate courses are taken intimidates me just a bit. But on the flip side, I am also so excited about the fact that my oldest is practically a freshman. The closing of one chapter and the opening of a new exciting chapter.


  1. Say it isn't so. Not possible. Noooooo!! ;)

    1. Crazy as it is, it is so. I really am having a hard time wrapping my head around it all.


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