Friday, November 14, 2008

One of Those Days

It was one of those days today. A day where nothing seems to get done. It started out as a promising Friday when all of the kids slept in until 8:45 including Baby G (however, she was up from 3:30 to 4:30am). Then it went down hill when I hadn't even gotten to finish my first cup of coffee and my step-dad decided to stop by on a whim. He does this always at some inopportune times. He stayed and visited for a while -- totally fine. We had a nice conversation and then I decided the kids had to start school. So, I had them start and he went on his way. Okay not a big deal one interruption is fine. Then my precious Baby G decided to show me she was ready to be with the big kids during spelling. We had a 20-minute spelling lesson that took an hour! After 10 minutes of G's talking while I was trying to explain the -in word family to two confused girls (still not sure why, it was almost the same lesson as yesterday and yesterday they got it.) I caved and asked Daddy Reg to put a movie on for Baby G. The problem was the movie she chose was not one of her stand-bys that the kids are bored with. Noooooo, she chose a movie that hasn't been watched in months. Ugh, I can’t win. As the TV is in direct line with the dinning table by default - there really is no other way to do it with the house design. I lost the battle even though I kept trying. We will be repeating that spelling lesson on Monday - I know that they will not retain a thing I taught them. I fixed them lunch as by this time it was already 12:30! After lunch, we had to get out so off to the library where I checked out sooooo many Thanksgiving books I feel bad for anyone hoping to check out any books on Thanksgiving because what I didn't check out are the ones that someone much more prepared than I am checked out 2 days ago. Or, I would have checked out more. Then naptime for Baby G - yeah some peace quiet and sanity. Oh, wait, no I still had so much to do but by then realized it would be a good idea NOT to try to do more school with the kids. Instead, I did what needed to get done and tried this cranberry sauce recipe but added some chopped apple. Note to self, reduce the sugar just a tad, and add some orange zest. It was way too yummy. And Daddy Reg and I made dinner. Okay that was a shortened but still long story of my day. How crazy.
I know I lost my focus today and I know that I probably should have just decided to not do school maybe but sometimes I get so task oriented that I forget the bigger picture. It is as if I get tunnel vision and all I can see it the end that I want to get to. I don't see that there are little detours that I can escape the tunnel and leave the mountain early.


  1. AWWW, I am sure after a nice weekend off you'll be back and rearing to go on Monday!! Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Sometimes you just have to know when to call it a day!! :)
    Seriously, that happens around here on occasion too.


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