Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Real Life in Still Life

I have been meaning to write this post for a while but life well, is life and just keeps on going.
Before Easter, we had the great privilege to meet a friend’s cousin and welcome her into our home for the afternoon to do a photo shoot. She was training another photographer and needed a family to take pictures of. The type of photography is not your typical studio photography with stiff backs and forced smiles that has been around forever. This shoot was Lifestyle Photography. It was so much fun and way more enjoyable than going to a studio for everyone involved.
When I first heard of Lifestyle Photography, I was a little skeptical about it. I thought why, would someone want to pay for pictures of life, when they can be taken every day while doing life. However, the moment Amber walked in the door; I knew that this was going to be fun and way better than just the normal life shots I take. Lifestyle Photography is about capturing the moods and emotions that occur everyday and documenting life happenings in a special way. And unlike studio portraits, the smiles are genuine, the expressions are real and the captures are of a moment in life that cannot be rehearsed.
First she had me show her around our little place while telling her about what we typically do together in each area. Such as… reading books on the couch, coloring at the coffee table, and reading Jane Austin to the girls during Little G’s bath time. Then she took the kids aside one on one to take some pictures of what they like to do in their rooms. After that we colored, read books, made cookies, played a game, and I gave G a bath while reading to the girls. She blended in and took pictures of us just doing things we enjoy doing during our day. This is real life in still life. Seriously, we had more fun than I can tell you. Here are just some of the amazing photos she took.

Family Time on the Couch
Head-shots of the Kids ~ Aren't these so awesome?!?

Game Time at the Table

Making Snickerdoodles
English Lit Class During Bathtime
The girls love this and are falling in love with Jane Austin.
Playing With the Dollhouse
Isn't this the coolest perspective?

Thank you so much Amber for these amazing moments that are now documented for us to remember and show the kids when they are older. I learned so much just watching you photograph us. And we all had the most amazing time.

*** Photos by Holritz Photography ***


  1. So awesome! Is there a link to the rest that I never saw?
    Love you so much.

  2. This are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I meant these are all beautiful:)

  4. I love the pictures and what they sweet

  5. Wow! These pictures are amazing. I'm already blessed with a blog-friend like you, now I get to see your beautiful family too! Thanks.

  6. I've read here from time to time coming across from MamaArcher's blog. So just saying hello!
    I'm leaving my comment on this post because Wow! these are great photographs!
    I've enjoyed reading here and as ones who have always had our children with us in church, as do all our congregation, I really appreciate the June 13 post.

  7. Thanks for visiting Ruby. :) It's fun to "meet" others with the same mind set. Thanks for the encouragement.


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