Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweet Sunflower Shot

It's Sweet Shot Tuesday, I love having a reason to show off my favorite photos from the week.
So this morning I decided to steal a couple of minutes to go outside and play around with my camera. What inspired me were some squirrels playing in the yard but they heard me coming from around the side. (I tried to sneak up on them by going around the house, but it didn't work.)
So all I got was a stare off with a squirrel that looked at me with an evil eye. Mr. Squirrel won, I got distracted by a bird. I took a picture of him too, but I'll spare you. Mr Squirrel was not happy with me invading his turf.

After a little bit I decided to go inside but I noticed that one of the sunflowers had fully opened and I could not pass up that opportunity. So I took several shots playing with the angles and the sunlight. Here is my favorite one out of the bunch.


  1. You are awesome with that camera!

  2. Love it - The contrast of the yellow on the blue sky is AWESOME!
    Very nice.


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