Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall and Pumpkins

Yeah for fall weather!
I have to tell you that in October, our average temps range in the low 80's to upper 70's but not this year. So far we are averaging upper 80's to low 90's. Then we dropped 10 degrees overnight and we went for sunny skies to lots of rain and 60's. This week has finally started to feel like we have actually entered the season called autumn. Hooray for our week of autumn! Seriously, according to weather reports (not that we can believe those) it is only going to get colder. The trees are finally starting to show glimpses of color too. I can't wait for the rain to go away so I can enjoy a colorful walk in the park.

This past week we visited a local pumpkin patch taking a moment to enjoy our fall temps.

We had the place to ourselves for almost an hour before people started trickling in which made for a great afternoon full of all sorts of crazy fun. The kids had a blast pulling Daddy Reg in the little cart that we had for the pumpkin picking still to come.

We had a blast exploring the different varieties of gourds and pumpkins interspersed amongst each other in the fields.

Doesn't this one totally look like the mushroom guy from Super Mario Bros?

And then grinding some corn to feed the animals. Little G loved feeding the animals and was sad that there weren't more animals to feed.

I am thinking of doing a pumpkin themed unit with Little G this week. I am sure she will love it. The kids did one a couple years ago and it was one of their favorite units.


  1. Nice shots. No pumpkin patch here this year, they are charging per person just to walk in!

  2. Thanks Sheri. A per person charge? That is so not okay.


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