Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Buildings and Bridges

Last week we took the kids on a field trip. Where we went was like stepping back into the 1800's only with cars and power lines. But the buildings were very much old and beautiful. I love old buildings, the story they tell and the character they reflect of a much simpler time. I get caught up in the romance of the history and find myself almost wishing I was in that time period.

 Walking down a back alley/walk way. I love how the "NO Parking" sign and the car are the only thing that really shouts that we are in present day.

I love old brick and the old shutters. I kinda wish I could have lingered longer to take this from different perspectives and play with the shadows. It's so pretty.

I had to capture this one as we were walking down the street, the windows in the alley caught my eye.

Then there was this bridge on the river. I love bridges except being on them, that always makes me nervous, but looking at them and marveling at the architecture I love.
This bridge is so cool because instead of lifting up to let a boat through, it turns sideways. That motion of going around makes it more fun and interesting to watch as boats passed.

This field trip was so much fun and I took many more pictures as we explored all day and visited the train museum. I am sure I will post more about it later.
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  1. Very cool shots...I really love the angle on the window shot :)

  2. Really nice shots...enjoyed them♥

  3. Those are lovely shots! I love that first one especially.

  4. These are so pretty. I love old buildings.

  5. I love buildings w/shutters, too! I always say that if I lived in an area that I could put them up, I would. They make a building so unique. Love the photos!!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I love these shots! I also love that they are in B&W it really adds drama to them. :)


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