Friday, March 18, 2011

St Patrick's Day Fun

Saint Patrick's Day was filled with tons of fun. We had Lucky Charms for breakfast (a special treat around here especially on a weekday). We spent the day learning about St Patrick and Ireland and making components for our lapbooks. One component was to take 1/2 cup of Lucky Charms, and graph how many of each marshmallow was in that half cup then compare their results with everyone else. We found that on average there are 20 marshmallows in each half cup, at least in the box we had. The kids had tons of fun. And we will be finishing what we ran out of time for this weekend.

We baked green velvet cupcakes and decorated them with Lucky Charms. So fun and such a yummy dessert.

We watched Veggie Tales Sumo of the Opera as is tradition so we could watch the St Patrick story. We love our Veggies.

I cooked a beer braised corned beef in my new pot. It turned out beautifully! I was so excited as that was my first time ever cooking corned beef. I found the recipe on Food Network's site. I don't know the exact link or I would take you to it. The kids loved it and I am sure I will make it again next year the exact same way.

I love making a big deal out of special days like St Patrick's Day just to help break up the monotony of the everyday and help the kids avoid burn out.

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