Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi Day

Today is Pi Day, did you know that? Pi is 3.14 and today is March 14th (3/14). Isn't that genius? I LOVE math and numbers so I love today. And, every year we celebrate Pi Day by eating pie. Perfect for celebrating. It's a circle that we can find the area of. And my kids always seem to ask how dessert became a math lesson as I am writing equations on the white board that hangs in the dinning room. To me, it's exciting - I know I am a total dork but I'm okay with that.

There was no time today to bake a pie so... while we were doing our big Costco trip we picked one up. Their apple pie is pretty good for not coming from my kitchen.

Do you want to see a million digits of pi? Go to Pi Did you know, pi is a number that goes on forever and never repeats? That is just mind boggling.

 For fun, you can find your birthday in pi.

Happy Pi Day everyone!

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