Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coconut Adventures

Why is it that when I have things going on that would be fun to blog about I have no time to put a complete thought down? And when I have plenty of blogging time I have nothing to blog?


Let's just say there have been many blog worthy adventures that I may or may not get to tell you about.

A few weeks ago, we bought a coconut. I had realized that my poor deprived children had never had the joy of attacking a coconut and working hard to get at the yummy goodness inside. I decided it was an essential adventure in their culinary education to get to take out their frustrations on a fruit/nut/seed... uh what exactly is a coconut? Just a sec let me check.

Okay, I'm back

Well, according to the Library of Congress, if we are talking about the coconut botanically, it is a drupe but it can also be considered (d) All of the above.

Anyway... the kids and I took the coconut outside and I began teaching them the fine art of hammering a pointed object (a nut pick) into the eyes of the shell and we emptied the water into a bowl.

Then I whacked it with a hammer.

The thing did not sound right and when it opened the smell was not so great (okay so it smelled rancid)

  and the meat was rubbery and gross. We were so bummed.

Of course we bought another one. This one sounded and looked better when we were opening it. However, the water was cloudy and when the girls tried it all of them almost in unison said it tasted like soap. Ugh an overripe coconut is not good to eat.

I am going to get one more for them to try. But how do I know that it is a good one? I buy smaller ones that are heavy for their size and sound like they have a lot of water in them. Are there any other tricks I should use? Really how does one really know if the have a good coconut?

Also remind me to think twice before letting Little G have a hammer.

As with all fun adventures, she went at it with great gusto. Actually she did a great job but with an expression like that one, it's enough to make a mommy nervous.

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