Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our 4th

After thinking that we weren't going to do pretty much anything at all for the 4th but stay home and relax, we realized that Little G had never seen real fireworks ever in her whole 5 years of life. She really wanted to see some so we decided to hit a parking lot not too far from the only place in town that was having fireworks. We wanted to make sure we were far enough that they weren't too loud for her as she does not like it when something is too loud. We did our best to keep the day low key but still fun.

P52 - KaBoom!

After dinner we had s'mores which is tradition for us on the 4th. I made a mini mallow kabob that went up in flames faster than the inside was able to get a melty. And then I hollowed out the inside of a perfectly roasted mallow which totally impressed the kids. Watching the kids is so funny as they all have different ideas of what is a perfect mallow. They range from just slightly melted with no color on the outside to almost ready to go up in flames. My favorite is when it just starts to catch on fire on one side while the rest has reached golden brown. I love roasted mallows.

Mmmmm... S'mores!

And then we headed out to enjoy the show. We set up at a parking lot that has several other spectators. Mr. V (aka Little Man) decided that even though we were so far away he still didn't want to hear them so he stayed in the back of the van. I set up my tripod and hubby texted a friend who was at the actual show. She was giving us updates as to how long before the fireworks were going to start. Little G was so exctied she couldn't stay still for more than a couple seconds at a time.

Ready and Waiting

We ended up in an okay location with a few trees in the way but it was perfect. The sound was not too loud and Little G was loving every second.

A few of the fun shots I was able to get while playing around with my camera.

She kept cheering the fireworks on yelling, "Go Fireworks! Go!" and "GaBomb! GaBomb!" while jumping up and down like crazy. It was quite hilarious and she had a total blast.
Sometimes, low key and relaxed is so much better than all out and over planned.

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  1. do I ever love your photography. Your color balance and lighting is excellent and you really capture a moment well. How long did it take you to get so good?


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